As the Snow Falls

The man speaks,

and the snow falls

covering, quieting.

We are smaller now

than when we began.

Measurements and assessments

of eternity

as the snow falls.

Can I know

for myself?

Or for those I hope

to lead and teach?

How much is needed

to have and keep?

I fear what falls away,

as the snow falls.

I want to know

whate’er I can,

whatever revelation bears

or allows,

that I might hope in certainty,

and wield truth as power.

What else is sure,

as the snow falls?

Letters, if nothing else,

two strokes or three

for certainty.

Here at last

I can be sure;

I can measure myself,

and you can see,

as the snow falls.

Fearful thoughts,

warmth of life and fear-

if the veil is torn

I am blind,

too weak to wait and watch.

The danger of mystery,

the fire in the cloud!

as the snow falls

Grey, all grey,

the sky admits no clarity.

But peace settles,

a million hands on shoulders

and heads, “Be still,

be quiet, be covered.

You may be certain of grace,

as the snow falls.”

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