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Corporate Worship
Drew Miller

Why Christians Talk about Sin, or The Filling of the Ocean

Christians in confession and contrition are walking further out and further down into the depths and darkness of sin, intentionally feeling how far we’ve settled; and we do it again and again. But why?

Todd Simonis

The Truth About Temptation

Temptation is not a choice between actions, but between identities. It raises the question of who and whose we are.

Corey Prescott

God Came Down

How is it that a just God can remain in the presence of a duplicitous people while they eat, drink, and celebrate their good fortune, when he knows that this very covenant will be broken within 40 days? 

Tyler Prescott

The Chaos of Christmas

Of all Christmas services, it is the Christmas pageant that most closely evokes the chaos that accompanied the night of Jesus’ birth, and most clearly demonstrates God’s desire to enter the chaos of our lives.

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